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Vintage Fashion Collection

Since their inception, automobiles and fashion have long dominted the luxury goods market.  Here at the Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum, we exhibit a visual indulgence of sartorial evolution alongside our roadway masterpieces.

Members of the Costume Society of America visit museum - "a wonderful vision for all to enjoy" - Article

Vintage Fashion

With over 100 outfits on display, take a colorful glimpse into the museum's extensive collection of vintage fashion and historical clothing.  Home to more than 600 pieces from 18th to the Mid-20th Century, the collection offers an array of silhouettes in both men's and women's fashions, from silk bustle dresses and motoring dusters to shimmering flapper shifts and dapper tuxedos.  Antique accessories including historic hats, shoes, jewelry, and more complete the scores of vintage elegance.

Vintage Fashion

So come to the Antique Auto Museum and witness the extravagance of Edwardian lace or the glitz of the Roaring 20s next to sleek marvels of automation and give your eyes a feast of delight!  Every four months, several new garments and exhibits are rotated onto display, making a fresh gem from our collection available to experience each season..

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“Absolutely incredible!  The most amazing and rare collection in the world.
Wonderful display including clothing.  What an experience!”
Phenix family, Healy, Alaska

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